About Jaite District Abuja

Jaite District is a geographical district in Abuja, created under Abuja Phase 4 (South) The district is bounded by Parfun, Chafe, and Bude district.

Compared to districts in other phases of Abuja, Jaite is underdeveloped and has not witnessed any significant development from the developmental master plan of Abuja, FCT.

Major districts in Phase IV (including Jaite) have been marked for allocation through the Land Swap Initiative by FCTA.

FCTA Land Swap Initiative

In 2013, the FCT Administration started a transformation agenda to grant a percentage of land (not below 60%) in a district to private developers. Abuja Infrastructure Investment Centre (AIIC) was charged to implement the Land Swap Initiative.

This Land Swap Initiative was created under a special contract in line with Article 8 of the Land Use Act. And it is being implemented in 12 target districts under Phase IV (South) which includes: Jaite, Ketti North, Ketti, Ketti East, Sherretti, Sheretti Cheche in Sector N, and Burun West, Burun, Waru Pozema in Sector O, Bude West, Bude in Sector Q, and Gwagwa.

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Private companies involved in the swap can develop 60% of the allocated district and are required to build primary infrastructure in return. The infrastructure will be provided without any financial, technical, or demand expectations from FCTA.

Examples of primary infrastructure to be built include kilometers of roads, water drains, water distribution lines, electrical power distribution lines, telecommunication ducts, and mini sewage treatment plants.

FCTA will retain the remaining 40% of the sub-district as buildable plots.

Jaite District Abuja Map

Here’s a map of Federal Capital City (FCC) Abuja illustrating Abuja Phase I, II, III, and IV along with all the districts in Abuja, FCT.

map of fcc abuja phase i to phase iv

From the map, you can see that the Jaite district is located in Phase IV (South).

Where Is Jaite In Abuja?

Jaite District is an undeveloped geographical district located in Abuja Phase 4 (South).

The district is bounded by Parfun, Chafe, and Bude districts.

Districts in Abuja Phase 4

Abuja Phase 4 is grossly undeveloped. The region has not seen significant growth or development since the developmental master plan of Abuja began. Most of the areas are considered as wasteland.

With a total of 20 districts altogether, the phase is divided into North and South regions.

Districts in Phase 4 (North) include Kagini, Kaba, Gwagwa, Karsana, Sabon Gida, Tasha, Idogwari and Idu.

While districts in the southern part of Phase 4 include Ketti, Gidari Bahagwo, Kpoto, Manusa, Sheretti, Gwari, Parfun, Jaite, Chafe, Bude, Burun, Sheretti Cheche, and Waru-Pozema.