There are over 60 geographical districts in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

And each of these districts is categorized based on the development phase they belong to.

The idea to have various developmental phases in Abuja was conceived after the Nigerian government approved a master plan to build a modern central city that’s befitting the nation’s capital status.

The masterplan was created in 1979 for the capital city of Abuja to be developed in five phases covering a total of 1,000 sq km.

A map showing the phases of Abuja with 22 residential districts
A map showing the phases of Abuja with 22 residential districts.

Each of these phases contains several districts and each district contains neighborhoods.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the districts in Abuja!

Districts in Abuja Phase 1

Abuja Phase 1 is the most developed area in the capital city.

The phase is divided into NINE (9) districts namely:

  • Asokoro
  • Central Area
  • Garki
  • Garki II
  • Guzape I
  • Guzape II
  • Maitama
  • Wuse
  • Wuse II

Each of these districts contains neighborhoods that boast excellent infrastructure, magnificent houses, and an extensive road network. They are a perfect zone for luxury real estate investment.

Districts in Abuja Phase 2

Abuja Phase 2 is a well-developed region and can be closely compared to Phase 1.

There are fifteen (15) districts in Abuja Phase 2 and they include:

  • Apo-Dutse
  • Dakibiyu
  • Duboyi
  • Durumi
  • Gaduwa
  • Gudu
  • Jabi
  • Jahi
  • Kado
  • Katampe
  • Kaura
  • Kukwaba
  • Mabushi
  • Utako
  • Wuye
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Each of these districts contains beautiful neighborhoods with superb infrastructure levels and a great extensive road network.

Here, most neighborhoods have a mix of premium residential, commercial, and leisure spaces.

map of fcc abuja phase i to phase iv

Districts in Abuja Phase 3

Abuja Phase 3 is located further away from the city centre and most of the area is still undergoing development.

There are about seventeen (17) districts in Abuja Phase 3 and they include:

  • Bunkoro
  • Dakwo
  • Dape
  • Galadimawa
  • Gwarinpa
  • Industrial Area
  • Kabusa
  • Kafe
  • Karmo
  • Life Camp
  • Lokogoma
  • Nbora
  • Okanje
  • Pyakasa
  • Saraji
  • Wumba
  • Wupa

Having decent infrastructure levels and accessible road networks, Abuja Phase 3 is relatively affordable for real estate and commercial activities.

Thus, it can’t be compared to Phase 1 or Phase 2.

Districts in Abuja Phase 4

Abuja Phase 4 has not witnessed significant development since the developmental master plan of Abuja started.

Even though the land in the phase has been allocated for various purposes, serious development is yet to begin.

You’ll find about TWENTY (20) geographical districts in Abuja Phase 4 and they include:

  • Bude
  • Burun
  • Chafe
  • Gidari Bahagwo
  • Gwagwa
  • Gwari
  • Idogwari
  • Idu
  • Jaite
  • Kaba
  • Kagini
  • Karsana
  • Ketti
  • Kpoto
  • Mamusa
  • Parfun
  • Sabo Gida
  • Sheretti
  • Tasha
  • Waru-Pozema

There’s an evident lack of basic infrastructure in most of these districts.

And this makes real estate and the standard of living affordable in this phase (compared to the first three phases).

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Districts in Abuja Phase 5

Abuja Phase 5 mainly consists of clusters of satellite towns outside the capital city.

These towns weren’t originally part of the master plan but have been integrated due to their proximity to the city.

The common districts in Abuja Phase 5 include:

  • Kyami
  • Lugbe

FAQs On Abuja Districts

How many districts are there in FCT?

There are over 50 districts in Abuja, FCT all situated in five phases.

What district is Maitama?

Maitama is a geographical district in Abuja Phase 1.

Is Gwarinpa a district?

Yes! Gwarinpa is a geographical district situated in Abuja Phase 3.

How many phases are in Abuja?

There are five (5) phases in Abuja and the federal capital territory. Each of these phases contains individual districts and neighborhoods!

Final Words

Abuja was built according to a strategic master plan approved by the Nigerian government in 1979.

With this plan, the city was developed into phases, and each phase contained districts. Currently, there are over 50 districts in Abuja with more still in development.

If you have any questions, do drop a comment below.

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