Wuye is an urban district geographically located under Phase 2 of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and situated close to the Utako and Kukwaba Districts.

The district features residential houses, estates (private & federal government owned), an ultra-modern market, a recreational park, hotels for short stays, restaurants, and decent social amenities.

wuye district abuja


Wuye District is geographically located in the Phase 2 region of the Abuja master plan.

Districts in Abuja Phase 2 mainly consist of houses developed through the Mass Housing Scheme by the Federal Government.

As a district in Phase 2 of the Federal Capital Territory, the area is well-developed with beautiful housing estates/residential areas, a great level of public infrastructure, extensive road networks, and social amenities such as schools and hospitals.

map of fcc abuja phase i to phase iv

From the map, you can see that Wuye is located in Phase 2 of the Federal Capital City represented by the green colour. In terms of the level of development and exclusivity, the phase is a little behind Abuja Phase 1 but fairs much better than Abuja Phase 3.

Notable districts you’ll find in Abuja Phase 2 include Jabi, Apo-Dutse, Gudu, Jahi, Katampe, Mabushi, and Utako.

Wuye District is bordered by various districts in Abuja including Jabi and Utako to the north, Wuse to the northeast, Central Business District (CBD) to the east, Kukwaba to the south, and Dakibiyu to the west. The neighbourhood is located along the Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway and around Idris Gidado Street.


Wuye houses a good level of public infrastructure, social amenities, and popular notable landmarks which you can access.

Here’s a rundown of the major landmarks arranged according to their category.

Restaurants In Wuye

Looking for spots to kill your hunger and have decent meals in Wuye?

Here are some of the decent restaurant options we found:

  • Dejavu Restaurant
  • Iya Oyo Restaurant
  • Top Chow Nigeria
  • Corner Grill
  • Escape Kitchen
  • Lunch Room
  • Albert’s Cuisine
  • Foodies Drew’s Republic
  • Urban Spices
  • Ladygreen Organic Restaurant

Hotels In Wuye

Visiting Wuye to spend some and need accommodation options for a short stay?

serob legacy hotels wuye abuja

Here are some of the top hotels in the district:

  • Serob Legacy Hotel
  • Whitehart Hotel & Apartments
  • Skyview Homes
  • Hotel2020
  • New City Hotel
  • Saabhi Hotel
  • Peace Haven Hotel
  • Lapour Hotels
  • Noktel Resort Apartments
  • Roses Regency Hotel and Suites
  • Belmont Hotel

Estates In Wuye

Wuye is host to some notable housing estates (private and government-owned).

Some of the beautiful estates in the district include:

  • Cosgrove Smart Estate
  • Green City Estate
  • Nationwide Estate
  • Federal Ministry of Finance Quarters
  • Barumark Estate
  • Acacia Grove Estate
  • Green Ville Estate
  • Yah-Wahab Estate
  • Thuja Ville (NNPC) Estate
  • TFP Vintage Homes

Religious Centres In Wuye

Here are some popular worship centres for Christians and Muslims in the district:

  • Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)
  • Family Worship Center
  • Catholic Church
  • Good Tidings Bible Church International
  • Anglican Church
  • The Stone Church
  • Christ Embassy
  • Wuye Community Mosque
  • ST. Agnes Parish

Hospitals in Wuye

Looking for quality healthcare in the district?

Here are some hospitals in Wuye where you can get adequate medical care and attention:

  • Jean Louis Medical Center
  • At-Taqwa Clinics and Maternity Limited
  • Zankli Medical Center

Markets In Wuye

Most residents living in the district visit the well-built Wuye Ultra-Modern Market for regular shopping activities.

wuye ultra modern market

As an alternative, they also go to the Garki Ultra Modern Market, and Utako Market to cater to their needs.

Schools In Wuye

Here are some schools in Wuye you can consider for your kid’s education.

  • Pace Setters College
  • Christabel Schools
  • Royal Family Academy
  • Hillfort Preparatory School
  • Grace Garden International Schools
  • KIA Lakeside Academy
  • Golden Olives Academy
  • Salem Hill School

Tour Attractions

If you want to relax and spend some fun time with family and friends, there are a few tour attractions with a conducive atmosphere available for you.

Here are the recreational spots you can visit to have fun and hang out:

  • The Stone Parks and Gardens
  • Wonderland Park
  • Dejavu Restaurant
  • Jabi Lake Mall
  • Serob Legacy Hotels
  • Lapour Hotels
  • The Dome


With a decent level of public infrastructure, housing estates, and amenities, Wuye District is surely a great place to reside and explore.

It’s not as affluent as districts in Abuja Phase 1 yet since the area is witnessing gradual continuous development. You’ll commonly find a mix of high-income earners, middle-income earners, and commercial workers as residents in the developed district.

Considering moving to Wuye, Abuja?

Shoot us a message and we can see how best to assist you.