If you’re looking for the best coworking spaces in Abuja to work and get the creative juices flowing, you’re on the right page.

Coworking spaces are collaboration hubs and shared office spaces where independent workers from different backgrounds come together to work, share expertise and explore new ideas.

Most coworking spaces provide comfortable desks, private office spaces for rent, meeting rooms, and even a kitchen to make coffee.

In this guide, we have carefully curated over 20 flexible workspaces in Abuja designed to meet your unique needs.

Let’s dive right in and see which spaces made the pick.

The Top Coworking Spaces In Abuja

From flexible workspaces and hot desks to private offices and conference rooms, there’s something for everyone in Abuja, no matter your budget or working style.

Here’s our list of the very best coworking spaces in Abuja to keep you on the right track.

Work and Connect Abuja

Located in Jabi, Work and Connect offers a hybrid model enterprise organization that builds capacity and supports the growth of youth-led businesses, innovation-driven entrepreneurs, and MSMEs. They provide support to entrepreneurs through Connect Lab (an Innovation lab and startup incubator) and Connect Space (the coworking facility).

Connect Space was designed to foster a productive community while ensuring everyone is accommodated, irrespective of budget or working style. The space is well-furnished with ergonomic office furniture and IT facilities to support your needs as a modern-day worker.

Work and Connect have various packages you can subscribe to as part of the connect space. Here are their pricing packages:

  • Virtual Office (N10,750 per month)
  • Daily Walk In (N5,000 per Day)
  • Dedicated Desk (45,800 per month)
  • Board Rooms & Meeting Room (N100,000 per day)
  • Private Offices

If you’re around Jabi and need an ambient virtual office in Abuja to boost your efficiency, Work and Connect is surely one to check out.

Tag Work Spaces

Located in a serene environment in Jabi, Tag Workspaces offers you an office space in Abuja to be productive and do your best work.

They provide an array of executive offices, shared workspaces, and boardrooms to work, hold meetings or manage your business in Abuja.

Novare Shared Office

Novare Shared Office provides shared offices and coworking spaces in Abuja designed to help you brainstorm ideas, meet great people, have quality conversations, and enjoy a seamless work experience.

They offer various types of desks and spaces suitable for different specific needs including:

  • Hot Desks
  • The Seatpods
  • Private Offices
  • Training room (40 seats)
  • Meeting room

When you rent an office space, you become a member of the Novare community and get to enjoy a great ambiance, state-of-the-art facilities, and access to a restaurant. Novare Shared Office can accommodate all your needs and help your business thrive.


theBunker is a work cafe and unique cowork facility chain in Abuja offering serviced offices, workspaces, and training rooms for short or long-term use.

Based in Wuse, the cafe comes fully equipped with spacious meeting rooms, workspaces, and collaboration zones to foster teamwork.

Plus, you get access to internet facilities, hi-tech infrastructure, video projection, and conferencing for collaborative team meetings.


CubeHub offers virtual offices in Abuja for startups, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. The organization is present with office centers in Lagos, and Abuja Nigeria. 

Based in Jabi, CubeHub’s workspace centre in Abuja is well-equipped with spaces, work facilities, and business solutions for your needs. When you become a member, you enjoy high-speed internet, mailbox, telephone services, and more.

The Ruby Centre Workspace

The Ruby Centre Workspace is a multi-purpose organization that includes a state-of-the-art plaza, coworking space (in Abuja), and a first-rate events centre (in Port-Harcourt).

Their modern coworking space located in Wuse 2 provides personal offices, general workspaces, a conference room, and other office packages for optimum work comfort.

Rutyono Offices Limited

Located in Wuse 2, Rutyono is one of the affordable coworking spaces in Abuja offering shared and private offices to boost work productivity.

You get a range of workspace offerings including a general coworking room, virtual offices, meeting room, dedicated desk, and conference room.

  • 1 Kandi Street, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT
  • 09 292 0702
  • rutyonooffices.com

Space Station Nigeria

Space Station provides turn-key space that will enhance productivity and meet your business needs. Whether you need an event space, a desk, a private office, training or boardrooms, or an entire floor, they’ve got you covered.

Located in Wuse Zone 5, Space Station has a wide range of spaces including:

  • Private Offices
  • Co-work Spaces
  • Trainings & Symposiums
  • Bespoke Virtual & Home offices
  • Meet/Event & Training Spaces
  • Conference Rooms

Savvy Instant Offices

Savvy Instant Offices is a flexible workspace community in Abuja that provides you with shared offices and workspaces to get work done. 

Primarily located at Wuse 2, the hub is in close driving proximity to many federal ministries, banks, hotels, and recreation centres. Their facility is well equipped with the latest IT technology, communications, and video conferencing system.

  • Executive Office – From ₦25,000 per person per day
  • Co-working Space – From ₦4,500 per person per day
  • Virtual Office – From ₦99,000 per annum
  • Boardroom – From ₦60,000 per day
  • Training Room – From ₦80,000 per day

Regus Abuja

Regus is a global company offering fully-serviced office spaces in various cities across the world. Their cowork facility in Abuja was designed to help you establish your business and collaborate effectively with teammates.

From private offices to an entire office building, you get to enjoy flexible, stylish fully-serviced office spaces, ergonomics, high-quality furniture, and extensive IT infrastructure. Regus is one of the best office spaces in Abuja.

Aiivon Innovation Hub

Aiivon Innovation Hub was set up to support creatives, innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs through human-centered tailored training programs for sustainable wealth in Africa.

Located in Wuse 2, their Co-creative workspace in Abuja is designed to m drive inspiration and enhance collaboration while leveraging our vibrant community. Depending on your suitable needs, they offer a range of space options to help you boost productivity.

  • Executive Offices – ₦250,000 per month (₦16,000/day OR ₦4,000/hour)
  • Dedicated Desk 1 – ₦35,500/month (₦3,500/day)
  • Dedicated Desk 2 – ₦40,000/month (₦4,500/day)
  • Co-Working Space – ₦25,000/month (₦2,500/day)
  • Aiivon Cube – ₦65,000/month (₦6,500/day)
  • Private Office – ₦75,000/month (₦7,500/day)
  • Conference Room – ₦400,000/month (₦35,000/day or ₦7,500/hour)

Ventures Park HQ

Ventures Park is a community-driven hub filled with founders, entrepreneurs, and talents who are solving Africa’s most difficult challenges.

Located in Maitama, The Park offers a range of offices and workspaces to foster co-working, incubation, and mentorships. You also get access to high-speed internet infrastructure, front desk service, coffee, telephone service, and more.

  • Traveller Flex – ₦1,613/hour
  • Travellers – ₦4,623/day
  • Gallery Flex – ₦31,713/month
  • Gallery Full – ₦42,463/month
  • Gallery Prime – ₦56,438/month
  • Dedicated Desk – ₦86,538/month
  • Private Office – From ₦300,000
  • Registered Office – ₦175,700/year
  • Virtual Office – ₦200,000/year

Hub43 Abuja

Hub43 is an organization that offers conducive workspace services to individuals and organizations so they can work, learn and achieve growth.

The organization is present in Abuja and Lagos. Located in Wuse Zone 5, Their Abuja facility provides flexible workspaces and ready-made offices so you can stay productive and focus on your business.

CJL Coworking Hub

COURIER_JET LIMITED (CJL) is a coworking hub in Abuja designed to help you work remotely and stay productive. Located in Jabi, the hub provides workspaces, desks, and meeting rooms for your business needs.

ImpactCentral Social Innovation Hub

Impact Cove is a coworking space and social innovation hub built for entrepreneurs, social change makers, non-profits, impact leaders, and professionals passionate about changing the world through innovative ideas.

They offer workspaces and office spaces in Abuja to enable you to ideate, solve social challenges and reimagine how to work.

  • Hot Desks – 2500/day (17000/month)
  • Dedicated Desks – 34000
  • Virtual Office – 20000/month
  • Private Offices – 212500

WorkHub Innovation

Located in Wuse 2, Workhub Innovation is a coworking space that offers a variety of premium office spaces for you to work remotely. Their coworking space is well equipped with high-speed internet facilities, constant power supply, printing services, and a kitchenette so you can stay productive while at the hub.

Servelead Work Space

Founded in 2019, Servelead (short “Servant Leadership”) Global is a business development agency and partner for seamless and efficient business setup in Africa.

They offer conducive shared offices, coworking spaces, and training halls for work, training programs, and client interactions. Their space is equipped with essential amenities so you can work efficiently with no worries.

Civic Innovation Lab

Civic Innovation Lab is a Launchpad for Social Innovators that exist to foster social impact, promote entrepreneurs with innovative tech solutions to SDGs and tackle global social and economic issues within and beyond Nigeria.

They offer businesses conducive co-working spaces and work cafes in Abuja at affordable prices. Their office spaces are well equipped with ergonomic office furniture, front desk services, air conditioning units, and a high-speed internet facility.


Büronetz offers a range of personal workspace and office spaces for you to work, study or do business in Abuja. Their facility is equipped with ergonomic work desks and chairs, high-speed Internet, and constant solar-powered electricity, in a conducive environment.

  • Comfort Royal Estate, Apo-Dutse, Apo Roundabout, Apo, Abuja
  • 07055672450

Davelt Coworking Space

Located in Wuse 2, DaveIt Cospace is one of the affordable coworking spaces in Abuja, surrounded by commercial banks, restaurants, shops, and bus stops.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a startup founder, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, the coworking facility is perfect if you need a quiet, professional environment great for study or creative work.

Enspire Incubator

Founded in 2013, Enspire Incubator is a tech-centric incubator program for early-stage startups focused on building viable businesses.

Designed for entrepreneurs and small teams, the coworking facility is located in Maitama, Abuja. They offer various types of conducive workspaces including hot desks and executive offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, and a hall.

Their additional support facilities include a restaurant, bar, gym, high-speed internet, video conferencing equipment, and more.

  • Private offices – N143,000/month
  • Dedicated Desk – N41,000/month
  • Hot Desk – N3,600/day

Harmony Innovation Hub

Harmony Innovation Hub is a one-stop shop built to incubate, accelerate and empower Nigerian entrepreneurs. They accelerate startup growth by providing the tools and resources to thrive in an enabling environment.

Harmony Innovation Hub offers a conducive coworking space to help you work without distractions and grow your business. You get access to amenities such as high-speed internet, air conditioning, chill-out zones, a kitchen, and event space.


SeedBuilders is an incubator, accelerator, and launchpad for startups and social projects. They are located in Lagos, Abuja, and Nasarawa and operate with a mission to build global businesses through the leverage of intelligence capital, innovation, strategy, and technology.

SeedBuilders offer a coworking community in Abuja tailored for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and startup founders to hold meetings and work effectively.

Smart Office

Smart Office is an on-demand coworking facility in Gwarinpa that seeks to create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

They provide a range of work desks and office spaces that suit your business type and needs. You also get to enjoy constant power, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, a document printer, a projector, and document storage.

StoneBricks Hub

StoneBricks Hub supports tech founders, innovators, creative minds, and influencers with an enabling ecosystem that turns ideas into marketable business solutions.

To achieve this, they set up multi-functional cowork facility businesses to ideate, work and achieve growth. StoneBricks Hub offers a range of co-work spaces including single workstations, virtual offices, shared spaces, and training rooms.

The Cans NG

The CANs exist to support entrepreneurs building for the future with the power of technology. They provide an eco-friendly coworking space to meet like minds, work effectively and collaborate.

Their coworking space was designed and well-furnished to give you a comfortable and work-friendly experience.

The Octagon

Located in Wuse 2, The Octagon was built to foster a creative and inspiring environment that suits your business type.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, startup founder, or online business owner, you get access to an array of virtual and instant office solutions. For inquiries on pricing and availability, kindly call or send an email

FAQs on Coworking Spaces In Abuja

Now that you’ve discovered the top coworking spaces in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria, here are some frequently asked questions.

What’s a coworking space?

Essentially, a coworking space is a shared workspace. It can be described as a collaboration hub where independent workers from different backgrounds come together to work and collaborate in a general or private office space.

Are cowork spaces good?

Yes, coworking spaces are effective and would provide you an opportunity to increase work productivity, network with fellow like-minded workers, create meaningful connections and enjoy a sense of community.

Who uses coworking spaces the most?

The most common demographics using coworking spaces include digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and startup teams.

Final Words

If you’re in Abuja and want to break away from the isolation of your home, these coworking spaces offer an awesome social environment to do productive work and create valuable connections.

Before picking a coworking space, it’s essential to consider their physical address and choose one that’s physically close to your home. Look through the opening hours and be sure it fits your work schedule. Also, you can reach out to the coworking space to secure your space by booking in advance.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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