Overview of Maitama District

Maitama is an urban district geographically located under the Phase 1 area of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

It is one of the most expensive districts to reside in the capital city and features exclusively luxurious and serene neighborhoods.

When it comes to luxury living and matters, Maitama District tops the list. You can think of the area as the ‘Ikoyi of Abuja’. The district is the residential choice of many top government officials and wealthy influential figures.

Due to its tranquil and exclusive nature, Maitama has a pretty high standard and cost of living. Living in the area is not affordable to most middle-class and low-income earners.

Unlike other districts where you’ll find gated housing estates, Maitama mostly contains streets of standalone mansions, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, parks, foreign embassies, and commercial centres.

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about maitama district abuja


Maitama District is geographically located in the Phase 1 part of the Abuja master plan.

Districts located in Abuja Phase 1 are well-developed, compared to districts in Phase 2 or Phase 3.

You’ll find affluent housing residential areas, sought-after neighborhoods, sophisticated public infrastructure, extensive road networks, and excellent levels of social amenities.

map of fcc abuja phase i to phase iv

From the map above, you can see Maitama District situated in Phase 1 of the Federal Capital City.

Other notable districts you’ll find in Abuja Phase 1 include Asokoro, Central Area, Garki, Guzape, Guzape, Wuse, and Wuse II.

Where is Maitama Close To In Abuja?

Maitama District is bordered by Mpape to the north, Central Area to the south, Wuse to the southwest, and Katampe to the west.

Major roads and streets in the district include Shehu Shagari Way, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, and Murtala Mohammed Expressway.


As a district under Abuja, Maitama is administratively led by the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). This council serves as the local government area of Maitama District.

Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) is one of the six area councils in FCT and it houses the political and administrative seat of Nigeria.

The council is headed by the appointed FCT minister who oversees the administrative activities of the capital city.

What Is Maitama Postal Code?

The postal code (or zip code) of Maitama District is 900271.

This code has been assigned to the district to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail. All the streets and locations in the district make use of the same postal or zip code.

Landmarks In Maitama

Whether high-rise government buildings, skyscraper hotels, or recreation parks, Maitama has the best of all worlds in Abuja.

The district enjoys an excellent level of public infrastructure and social amenities which makes living or working here a thing of splendor.

Below, you’ll find some notable landmarks you’ll find here arranged according to their respective categories.

Restaurants In Maitama

Looking for spots to kill your hunger and have decent meals in Maitama?

Here are some of the decent restaurant options we found:

  • A Class Restaurant
  • Siam City Thai Restaurant
  • Cantina Restaurant
  • Ann’s Restaurant and Bar
  • Amala Experience Restaurant
  • Uncle D’s Restaurant
  • 355 Steakhouse & Lounge
  • District Restaurant and Lounge
  • Meraki Restaurant and Lounge
  • Vanilla Restaurant & Lounge

Hotels In Maitama

Visiting Maitama and looking for luxurious hotel options to spend time at?

Transcorp Hilton Abuja

Here are some of the top hotels in Maitama District:

  • Lake Chad Palace Hotel
  • Dullion Suites
  • Berkshire Hotel
  • Berkshire Hotel
  • Transcorp Hilton
  • Capital Roost Hotel
  • Villa Picasso Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • 1 Oak Place
  • Mayfair Hotel
  • Centurion Apartment Hotel
  • Summerset Continental Hotel

Streets In Maitama

Maitama has many streets, adorned with magnificent mansions and commercial centres.

Some of the beautiful streets in Maitama include:

  • Gana Street
  • Amazon Street
  • Asa Street
  • Shehu Shagari Way
  • Alvan Ikoku Way
  • Barawa Street
  • Aso Drive
  • Maitama Avenue
  • Cesteem Street
  • Cuito Street
  • Limpopo Street
  • Ibrahim Babangida Boulevard
  • Accra Street

Estates In Maitama

Maitama is host to some notable housing estates projects, developed by private and government entities.

Here are some of the beautiful estates in the district:

  • Stallion Court Estate
  • Imani/Shell Estate
  • Aso Garden Estate
  • Palm Spring Estate
  • Aso Grove Estate
  • Capital Homes and Apartments
  • Palm Terrace estate
  • Ifedi Homes
  • Caesar’s Sterling Real Estates

Religious Centres In Maitama

Here are some popular worship centres in Maitama for Christians and Muslims:

  • Harvest House Christian
  • Graceville Christian Center
  • Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)
  • COZA
  • Maitama Islamic Centre
  • All Christians Fellowship Mission (ACFM)
  • Cathedral of Compassion All Christian Fellowship
  • ECWA Goodnews Church
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Hospitals in Maitama

Looking for quality healthcare in the district?

Here are some hospitals in Maitama to receive adequate medical care and attention.

  • Maitama District Hospital
  • Medicom Renal and Dialysis Centre
  • Tabitha Medical Center
  • The Skin 101 Center
  • Asher Hospital & Maternity
  • Dr Hassan’s Hospital
  • Nemsa Medical Center

Markets In Maitama

A lot of residents living in Maitama Abuja visit the Maitama Farmers Market to shop for food, fresh fruits, vegetables, traditional spices, handmade crafts, and local essentials.

Schools In Maitama

Looking for schools in Maitama that provide quality education for your kids?

Here are some available options:

  • Learning Spring Nursery & Primary School
  • Living Spring Field/Playground
  • Hills Christian Academy
  • Mabela Day Care And Nursery School
  • Baldom International Schools
  • Holborn Institute
  • Royal Oaks British Nigeria School
  • Springhall British School
  • Florence Ade Akodu International School
  • Jade International Academy
  • Northfield Schools
  • Oxford Manor College

Tour Attractions

If you want to relax and spend some fun time with family and friends in Maitama District, there are a few tour attractions with a conducive atmosphere available for you.

Here are the recreational spots you can visit to have fun:

  • IBB International Golf and Country Club.
  • Millennium Park
  • Aso Rock
  • Transcorp Hilton
  • Ministers’ Hills
  • Maitama Amusement Park
  • Dolapo Obat Gallery


With an excellent level of security, public infrastructure, magnificent residential houses, and social amenities, Maitama is a first-class, top-rated residential district for the wealthy in Abuja.

No wonder it is the top choice for a lot of top government officials, wealthy families, public figures, and celebrities. The affluent district keeps on witnessing continuous development and improvement in every area. This makes real estate properties and the standard of living quite expensive.

Want to live in Maitama, Abuja? Shoot us a message so we can assist you.