Joining tech communities in Abuja is a surefire way to grow your tech career.

You’ll get to meet like-minded tech bros, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects, receive invites to industry events, and gain valuable mentorship.

If you’re looking to start a career in tech or land a job at one of Abuja’s tech startups, joining Abuja tech communities is a solid pathway to achieving your goals.

To help you out, I’ve done the research and curated a list of some great tech communities existing and thriving in the capital city.

Dive in and take a look.

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Top tech communities in Abuja

tech communities in abuja

Whether you’re a coder, designer, creative, marketer, or something else, here are the active tech communities in Abuja you can join to connect and grow.

1. Google Developers Group (GDG) Abuja

With over 1,000 chapters across 140 countries, Google Developer Group (GDG) is a community group filled with like-minded developers and technologists from all backgrounds.

GDG Abuja is the foremost chapter in Nigeria’s capital city and it was set up to help you learn new skills, connect with other techies, and grow your tech career.

Regularly, GDG Abuja hosts meetups to discuss various technical topics. They are the organizers of the annual developer conference, #DevFestAbuja.

At their meetups, you’ll meet developers and tech professionals from different levels and backgrounds. You’ll also gain knowledge of emerging technology and acquire new skills through hands-on workshops and training events.

2. Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) Abuja

With chapters located around the African continent, Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) is a community of creative minds driving the open source movement in Africa. The community’s audience typically includes software engineers, developer advocates, and open-source lovers.

OSCA Abuja is a chapter community based in the capital city of Abuja.

The tech community brings open-source lovers together to learn and foster an enabling environment for collaboration.

One of the aims of OSCA is to increase the rate of contributions to local and global open-source projects by African software developers, writers, designers, and everyone involved in the technology ecosystem.

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If you’re based in Abuja and super interested in open-source technologies, this tech community is calling your name.

3. Polygon Guild Abuja

With chapters located around the world, Polygon Guilds are developer-run communities bringing folks who love all things blockchain, Web3, and Polygon technology together.

If you’re based in the capital city and want to gain knowledge in Web3, Polygon technology, and Blockchain, Polygon Guild Abuja is an all-inclusive space for you.

The tech community organizes meetups, hackathons, and workshops for developers. These in-person events serve as a platform to share knowledge, connect, and collaborate on diverse projects.

As a community member, you’ll get to learn more and discuss topics around crypto, web3, blockchain, and NFT.

4. Google Developers Group (GDG) Gwagwalada

GDG Gwagwalada is another chapter of the Google Developers Group located in Gwagwalada, FCT.

The community draws tech professionals from diverse backgrounds to learn and build solutions with Google technologies.

Regularly, GDG Gwagwalada organizes meetups, info sessions, workshops, and an annual #DevFestGwagwalada conference to bring tech professionals together.

5. Google Developers Group (GDG) Mpape

GDG Mpape is a community for tech enthusiasts who are based around Mpape. The community is an independent chapter of Google Developer Groups.

If you’re obsessed with web and android development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, this is a space for you.

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GDG Mpape organizes tech talks, info sessions, workshops, and conferences to learn technical topics and connect with tech folks.

6. Friends of Figma (FOF) Abuja

If you’re a designer in Abuja looking to improve your skills and connect with other designers, Friends of Figma is a design community for you.

They frequently organize in-person and virtual events to learn new stuff and interact better with the community.

It doesn’t matter much whether you use Figma or not. Friends of Figma Abuja is open to designers, developers, and creatives interested in learning more about design.

As a designer, you’ll likely find the community valuable to your career.

7. She Code Africa (SCA) Abuja

Founded by Ada Nduka Oyom, She Code Africa is a non-profit organization established to celebrate and empower women in technology.

They have existing chapters in cities and university campuses across Africa.

SCA Abuja is the community chapter in the capital city of Abuja that’s set up to empower female technology enthusiasts.

For career growth, the community offers mentorship, resources, job opportunities, and tech events to network with others.

8. Code Pixels and Stories

Founded by Moyo and Shola, Code, Pixels and Stories is a tech community in Abuja built to help you navigate the bumpy terrain of tech and business.

The community exists to help tech enthusiasts connect better, collaborate on projects, and have fun together.

They plan to organize tech conferences, and festivals in Abuja eventually. Want to advance your career in tech or business? Join their community via Telegram.

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As an extension of the community, Code, Pixels, and Stories publish a weekly newsletter on Substack. The newsletter details ideas and lessons from experienced folks in tech and business.

9. Abuja Tech Creatives

Abuja Tech Creatives is a community focused on bringing tech buddies in the capital city together to ideate, build, and network.

The community is dedicated to the growth of tech entrepreneurs and the technology sector in FCT.

Regularly, they organize physical (and virtual) meetups where techies come together to build projects, bond, and learn new ideas. They also offer mentorship opportunities to learn from experienced leaders in tech, data, and creativity.

10. BitDevs Abuja

BitDevs Abuja is home to Bitcoin developers or anyone interested in Bitcoin development.

The community is based in Abuja and brings ‘bitcoiners‘ together to discuss advanced technical Bitcoin topics.

If you’re super interested in the technical side of all things crypto and Bitcoin, this community is one for you.

11. Startup Grind Abuja

Startup Grind is a community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators with chapters located around the world.

They have a chapter in Abuja for startups and founders in Abuja to connect, invest, inspire, and educate themselves.

Regularly, they organize meetups and talk sessions where an entrepreneur or startup founder is invited to share their story. After the talk, an avenue for Q&A will be provided where you can ask critical questions and gain insights.

Interested in all things entrepreneurship and technology startups? Join Startup Grind Abuja.

12. Abuja Product Network

Abuja Product Network is the foremost product community in Abuja. If you’re an experienced product manager or looking to transition into product management, then this community is for you. You will get to learn and network with other product people in Abuja.

Regularly, they organize weekly meetups where PMs come together to share their knowledge and experiences. They also offer career support and mentorships to those looking to grow their career in product management or transition into product management.

Why you should join a tech community in Abuja?

Advancing your tech career will be a lot easier when you’re surrounded by like-minded folks. This is why tech communities in Abuja with a common interest that aligns with your goals are essential to join.

A key benefit of belonging to a tech community is networking. As a community member, you get to connect with tech professionals in your field, collaborate on projects, and grow your network.

By joining any of these tech communities in Abuja, you’ll also get access to a wealth of valuable knowledge about the latest trends and developing technologies in your field.

Plus, you get to hear about tech events, conferences, workshops, and job opportunities that will impact your career.

Final words

Abuja’s nascent tech ecosystem is growing and you should connect with those shaping it.

Your tech journey doesn’t have to be lonely, isolated away in the confines of a co-working space in Abuja. It shouldn’t be just you ridin’ solo like Jason Derulo in 2010.

Go out to the real world, meet real people, and connect with your tribe.

Whether you’re a software engineer, UI/UX designer, business analyst, or Bitcoin developer, there is a tech community for everyone in Abuja.

Our round-up guide of the active tech communities in Abuja is all you need to navigate.

Stay connected! ✌️

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