The Explore Abuja Community is a safe space where you can ask questions, get directions, read guides, and connect with other locals in the capital city.

We created the community to help you make more genuine connections and have a remarkable experience while in Abuja. It’s not just ‘yet another Abuja WhatsApp group’ and before you ask, it’s totally free to join.

What you need to know

This community exists to serve as a safe space and an avenue to improve your experience while in the capital city.

Before you join, here are a few need-to-knows:

  • While we love and appreciate everyone equally, this is a community specifically for locals or tourists in Abuja. If you’re based in Abuja or traveling into the capital city (for a long or short stay), you belong here.
  • This community is hosted on WhatsApp so you’ll need a user account to join.
  • We intend to keep the community high-quality and helpful to every member so we won’t tolerate spam of ANY kind.
  • No excessive self-promo, unrelated links, junk BCs, random DMs to other members, or anything else.
  • No discrimination of members is allowed. We’re all one and won’t tolerate hate, abuse, insults, or threats in the community.
  • If you sense discrimination of any sort, please call the attention of the admin and appropriate measures will be taken.
  • Share only stuff that’s helpful and meaningful to members of the community. It could be an interesting event, a job opportunity, or a new hangout spot in town.
  • Posts that don’t meet the stated guidelines will be removed.

When you join, kindly put out a brief intro of yourself.

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This should typically include your name, the area/district you’re based in, what you’re looking to gain out of the community, and any other interesting stuff about you.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. Now, click the button below to join the group.

Welcome to the Explore Abuja Community!