Abuja is widely known as the capital of Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and one of the wealthiest urban areas in Africa.

The city rose to national prominence when there was a need to shift the status of the capital city as Lagos didn’t have the required potential that befits that status.

In 1979, a master plan was created by urban city planners and approved by the Nigerian government for Abuja to be developed in five phases.

A map showing the phases of Abuja with 22 residential districts
A map showing the phases of Abuja with 22 residential districts

This plan was necessary for the ease and coordination of developmental efforts.

These developmental phases — numbered from Phase 1 to Phase 5 — cover a total of 1,000 sq km and contain several districts for residential, governmental, or commercial purposes. Each of these districts also has neighborhoods.

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Let’s dive in and look at an overview of Abuja Phase 1 and what the area entails.

Overview of Abuja Phase 1

Abuja Phase 1 is the first, best, and most developed phase in Abuja.

Its level of development can’t be compared to Abuja Phase 2 or even Phase 3.

The region houses Abuja’s most sought-after neighborhoods, affluent estates, beautiful houses, sophisticated infrastructure, and an extensive road network.

Districts in Abuja Phase 1

Abuja Phase 1 is divided into five (5) districts namely:

  • Asokoro
  • Central Area
  • Garki
  • Garki II
  • Guzape I
  • Guzape II
  • Maitama
  • Wuse
  • Wuse II
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The neighborhoods in each of these phases boast excellent infrastructure and are a great zone for premium real estate properties.

FAQs About Abuja Phase 1

Here are some commonly asked questions about Phase 1 of the federal capital territory.

What are the districts in Abuja Phase 1?

Abuja Phase 1 is divided into five (5) districts namely: Asokoro, Central Area, Garki , Garki II, Guzape I, Guzape II, Maitama, Wuse, and Wuse II.

How many district zones do we have in Abuja?

There are over 50 district zones in Abuja. Phase 1 area of the city has ten (10) district zones, Phase 2 has fifteen (15), Phase 3 has seventeen (17), while Phase 4 has twenty (20).

What are the parts of Abuja?

The parts of Abuja have been divided into five (5) phases. And each of these phases contains various districts and neighborhoods.

Where is the safest place in Abuja?

Asokoro district is one of the safest and most exclusive areas in Abuja. The high-class district is home to most of the top federal cabinet ministers, high-ranking government officials, diplomats, and business moguls residing in the city.

How many phases are in Abuja?

According to the master plan, there are five (5) phases in Abuja. Each of these phases consists of various districts and neighborhoods.


So that’s all you need to know about Abuja Phase 1.

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The phase is the most developed region in the FCT with extensive road networks, excellent infrastructural levels, and affluent neighborhoods.

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