Welcome to Detty December — the most anticipated period of the year by almost everyone.

A period of colorful street festivals, blissful Christmas carols, lit end-of-the-year parties, all-night Afrobeats concerts, high school reunions, an influx of IJGB kids, and energetic celebrations with fireworks in the sky.

It’s a time to disconnect from work, get immersed in a flurry of back-to-back fun activities, finish the year celebratory, and hope for a better new year.

What I love most about December is that there are plenty of fun activities to indulge in. From large musical concerts to close-knit hangouts, there’s something for everyone, no matter your vibe.

Abuja shines brighter when it’s the end of the year. If you’re looking to navigate the final month of 2023 and spend Detty December in Abuja, this guide is for you.

Detty December Events

detty december in abuja 2023

It’s raining events in Abuja this month.

December is the peak period for fun and I’m here to hold your hands and guide you.

Below, I’ve highlighted all the events in the capital city and arranged them according to the date they’re happening.

Week 1 (December 4 — 10)

Saturday, Dec 9 – The Jav Christmas Village

Saturday, Dec 9 – Southside Festival by Ekondo

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Saturday, Dec 9 – Silent Disco Party

Sunday, Dec 10 – The Escape Food Festival

Sunday, Dec 10 – Festival Of Lights x Meat and Greet

Sunday, Dec 10 – Africana Experience Live

Week 2 (December 11 — 17)

Saturday, Dec 11 to 14 – Abuja I Believe Carnival

Wednesday, Dec 13 – Abuja Reggae Festival

Wednesday, Dec 13 – Made in Abuja by Truck Central

Thursday, Dec 14 – Davido Live

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Friday, Dec 15 – Capital Block Party

Friday, Dec 15 – Asake Live

Saturday, Dec 16 – Viveza 2.0

Sunday, Dec 17 – The Food Expo

Sunday, Dec 17 – Fungasm The Capital City Fest

Sunday, Dec 17 – Gamival at Playzone Arena


Week 3 (December 18 — 24)

Wednesday, Dec 20 – Utopia in a Buj

Friday, Dec 22 – Vibez In The City

Friday, Dec 22 – Play Annual Ball

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Friday, Dec 22 to Sunday, Dec 24 – Bush Doings 3-day Outdoor Camping Vacation

Week 4 (December 25 — 31)

Tuesday, Dec 26 – Crazy Jean Fest

Friday, Dec 29 – Blaqbonez Emeka Must Shine ABJ Rave

That’s all the merriment I’ve got for you.

With this lineup of events and fun activities, you’re up for an exciting time this holiday season.

Kindly note that this list isn’t exhaustive. I’ll add many more events as soon as they are unveiled and gravitate to my radar. So make sure you bookmark this page and check back later.

Also, do me a favour — kindly share this post with your friend(s) and drop a comment on which event you’re most excited about.

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