Are you in search of wildlife adventure in the capital city? Then, a visit to any of these Zoos in Abuja is a MUST.

Whether it’s a family picnic, buddies hangout, or a romantic date with your significant other, going to the Zoo provides an opportunity to make sweet memories, encounter your favorite animals, and bask in the serenity of nature.

In this guide, I’ll highlight the zoos in Abuja that offer a thrilling wildlife experience and bring you face-to-face with nature’s majestic creatures!

Best Wildlife Parks & Zoos In Abuja You NEED To Visit

wildlife parks zoos in abuja

Whether you’re a fan of snakes, monkeys, or big cats, the zoos in Abuja promise the most thrilling and intimate wildlife encounters.

Let’s dive in and uncover two of Abuja’s best zoos!

1: National Children’s Park and Zoo, Abuja

Located in the highbrow Asokoro district, the National Children’s Park and Zoo stands as a captivating spot for individuals or families seeking an extraordinary blend of wildlife, fun, and education.

From exotic birds to zebras, the park houses an array of diverse animal species packed within a tranquil environment to witness the wonders of wildlife. It also has a lake and a large playground for kids to play around.

The National Children’s Park and Zoo is situated just behind the Presidential Villa and is reasonably close to Aso Rock, offering a remarkable escape into nature within Abuja.

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For both young and old, a visit to the National Children’s Park and Zoo promises a thrilling experience and an unforgettable opportunity to encounter various creatures.

It’s a favorite spot for family picnics, outings, hangouts, and anyone seeking a mix of wildlife and serenity.

2: BMT African Garden

Unknown to many, the BMT African Garden has a mini Zoo that offers a unique wildlife adventure within the capital city.

The Zoo is a haven for visitors and fun-seekers of all ages to relax, encounter wildlife creatures, and enjoy a delightful experience.

Apart from the zoo experience, BMT Garden is also a gem when it comes to relaxation.

It houses a swimming pool, children’s playground, event centre, and picturesque scenery.

A combination of these features makes it a perfect environment for anyone who genuinely desires serenity and a tranquil escape from Abuja’s urban hustle.

BMT African Garden is located in Wuse 2 and is undoubtedly an excellent spot for hangouts, school reunions, meetings, and family picnics during the holidays.

  • 155 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT
  • 08187448635
  • @bmt_gardens

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re seeking the sight of playful children running around or the quiet majesty of animals, a visit to these Zoos in Abuja will provide an exquisite blend of excitement and relaxation.

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It’s a great location for school reunions, dates, family picnics, hangouts, or just a leisurely day.

Ready to explore the wild and make memories you’ll cherish for long?

Take a trip to any of these Zoos with your loved one(s) for wildlife adventure and moments of blissful tranquility!

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