The slogan of Abuja is Centre of Unity. This motto was adopted to serve as a constant reminder to the people that Abuja was chosen in the hope of creating a united, central city.

Abuja replaced Lagos to become the official capital of Nigeria on 12 December 1991 under the leadership of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (1985 – 1993).

There were some problems with Lagos being the capital of Nigeria including congestion, pollution, coastal danger, population pressures, and ethno-political tensions. Hence, there was a need to move the seat of government to a more central and ethnic-neutral location.

In August 1975, General Murtala Mohammed set up a panel of experts to look into moving the capital to a central location.

A map showing the phases of Abuja with 22 residential districts
A map showing the phases of Abuja with 22 residential districts

The Emirate of Abuja was considered among 33 other possible sites in the existing 12 states of the federation.

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The basis of selection included: land availability, centrality, good climate, good soil topography, abundant water supply, security, excellent drainage system, physical planning convenience, and ethnic accord.

After thoroughly considering all factors, the Emirate of Abuja was selected by the panel as the best location for the new capital city.

The new Federal Capital Territory was formed with 80% of land from Niger State, 16% of land from Plateau State (now Nasarawa State), and 4% from Kwara State (now Kogi State).

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FAQs about the Slogan of Abuja

Here are some commonly asked questions about the slogan of Abuja.

What is the nickname of Abuja?

The nickname of Abuja is ‘ABJ’.

What is Nigeria’s slogan?

The slogan and national motto are Unity, Faith, Peace, and Progress.

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