The Abuja postal code (or zip code) is a 6-digit number assigned by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to various locations within the city.

Districts within Abuja have a unique postal code. Also, all local area councils in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have their respective postal code.

In this post, I’ll do a complete breakdown of postal codes for districts, zones, and area councils in Abuja.

What is the Abuja Postal Code?

The postal code for Abuja is 900001. However, all locations within the entire city and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) do not use a single 6-digit postal code.

Abuja Districts Postal Code

There are several districts under the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) with respective zip codes.

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Some of these districts include the Central Business District, Asokoro, Garki, Gwarimpa, Karu, Wuse, Maitama, Nyanya, Three Arms Zone, Orozo, Kabusa, Gwagwa, and Gui.

Here’s a rundown of all districts in Abuja and their respective postal code:

Asokoro district postal code — 900231

Asokoro is a district in Abuja that houses various streets and areas. Each of these streets within Asokoro uses a single postal code of 900231.

Central business district postal code — 900211

Central Business District is a district located in Abuja and consists of several streets and areas that all use a single postal code — 900211.

Garki district

Garki is a district located in Abuja and it houses several areas that use different postal codes.

Here are the areas in Garki and their respective postal codes:

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Areas in GarkiPostal Code
Area 1900241
Area 2900242
Area 3900243
Area 7900244
Area 8900245
Area 10900246
Area 11900247

While rural areas in Garki such as Abacha Barracks, Apo, Damagaza, Dantata, Durumi I, Durumi II, Durumi III, Dutse, Garki Village, Gudu, Guzape, Kobi, Kurumduma, NEPA Village, Wumba all make use of 900104 as their zip code.

Gwarinpa postal code — 900108

Gwarinpa is a district under Abuja municipal area council and it houses streets and areas such as Gwarinpa Life Camp, Gwarinpa Village, Utako, Kado Federal Housing, Mabushi, Kado Village, Katampe, and Kuchigoro. Each area maintains a single postal code — 900108.

Karu postal code — 900110

Karu is a district in Abuja that houses areas such as Karu Village, Ikoyi, Karu Site (FHA), Karu Village. Each area uses 900110 as the postal code.

Maitama postal code — 900271

Maitama consists of various streets such as Amsterdam Street, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Barawa Street, Batanji Crescent, Challawa Crescent, Komoe Crescent, Madeira Street, Nue Street, Ofiki Street, Ontario Crescent, Onwul Crescent, Orange Crescent, Rudolf Street, Volta Crescent, Usuma Street, and Wuye Crescent. All streets listed share a postal code of 900271.

Nyanya postal code — 900103

Nyanya is a district within Abuja and you’ll find areas such as Angawa Bawa, Gbagarape, Kugbo, Gwandara, and Gwari in the district. All areas under Nyanya use 900103 as their postal code.

Three Arms Zone District — 900211

The Three Arms Zone is a district in the FCT, Abuja. It houses various streets including Alvan Ikoku Way, Asokoro Avenue, Maitama Avenue, Tigris Crescent, Thames Street, and Zambezi Crescent. Each of the streets uses the same 6-digit postal code — 900211.

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Wuse postal code

Wuse is a district within FCT, Abuja. It is divided into zones and each zone consists of various streets that use a single postal code.

Here’s a breakdown of the zones in Wuse and their postal code:

Zones in WusePostal Code
Zone 1900281
Zone 2900282
Zone 3900283
Zone 4900284
Zone 5900285
Zone 6900286
Zone 7900287
Wuse II900299

GUI postal code — 900105

GUI is a district in Abuja and houses various such as Barowa, Dandi, Gbenduniya, Gbessa, Gud Pasali, Gui, Gwako, Iddo Maaji, Iddo Pada, Iddo Sabo, Iddo Sarki, Iddo Tudunwada, Makana, Sauka, Tunga Kwaso, Tungan Jika. Each area uses 900105 as its postal code.

Gwagwa postal code — 900106

Gwagwa district houses the following areas: Bagusa, Dei-Dei, Filin Dabo, Gwagwa, Kaba, Kagini, Karsana, Saburi, and Tasha.

Kabusa postal code — 900107

Kabusa is a district in Abuja. It consists of the following locations with 900107 as postal code: Aleyita, Burum, Galadimawa, Kabusa, Ketti, Lugbe, Piwoyi, Pykasa, Sabon Lugbe, Sheretti, and Zidna.

Orozo postal code — 900109

Orozo consists of the following areas: Ajata, Angwan Sako, Anka, Badna, Chori Bisa, Gidan Ajiya, Gidan Mangoro, Gugugu, Kpepegyi, Kurudu, Kwoi, Madalla, Orozo I, Orozo II, Sabon Gari, and Wowo. They all use 900109 as the postal code.

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Abuja Area Councils (LGAs) Zip Codes

There are about six local government areas in Abuja and each council uses different zip codes.

Here’s a rundown of the postal codes for the local government areas in FCT, Abuja:

Abaji postal code — 950101 & 950102

Abaji is one of the six (6) local government area councils in FCT, Abuja and it houses two districts: Abaji and Yaba.

  • Abaji district – 950101
  • Yaba district – 950102

Bwari postal code — 901101

Bwari is a local government area council in FCT, Abuja and it houses several districts that use 901101 as its single postal code.

Gwagwalada postal code — 902101

Gwagwalada is a local government area council in FCT, Abuja and all districts/locations in the council use a single postal code.

Kuje postal code — 903101

Kuje is a local government area council in FCT, Abuja and it is made up of 2 districts, Kuje and Rubochi.

  • Kuje district postcode — 903101
  • Rubbochi district postcode — 903102

Kwali postal code — 904105

Kwali is a local government area council in FCT, Abuja that houses up to nine (9) districts.

These districts include Ashara, Dafa, Gumbo, Kilankwa, Kwali, Pai, Wako, Yangoji, and Yebu. And each of them has its respective postal code.

Districts in KwaliPostal Code

Final Words

So there you have it — the postal or zip code of Abuja, its districts, and all six local government areas in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Do me a favour. Kindly drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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