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Maitama is an urban, affluent district situated in the Phase 1 area of the federal capital city of Nigeria. Its streets are adorned with magnificent residential mansions, high-rising government buildings, and commercial centres.

Due to its excellent level of public infrastructure and social amenities available, many top government officials, wealthy public figures, and celebrities chose to reside here.

What is the Maitama Postal Code?

The postal code (or zip code) of Maitama District is 900271.

This unique postal code is a series of numbers assigned to a specific geographic area by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST). It is used to facilitate and streamline the sorting and delivery of mail for all locations and streets in Maitama.

The postal codes for areas in Abuja are arranged chronologically and represented using only 6 digits.

Which Local Government Area (LGA) is Maitama Under?

Maitama district is located under the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC).

AMAC is one of the six local area councils in FCT. It is administratively headed by the FCT minister who is appointed by the President of Nigeria to oversee the activities of the capital city.

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What areas are close to Maitama?

Maitama District is bordered by Mpape to the north, Central Area to the south, Wuse to the southwest, and Katampe to the west.

There is an extensive road network in the district with major streets and roads such as Shehu Shagari Way, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, and Murtala Mohammed Expressway.

Streets in Maitama & their Postal Code

maitama postal code

Maitama district contains several locations/streets that use the same postal code.

Here is a list of locations and streets in Maitama and their postcodes.

LocationsPostal Code
Akore Crescent900271
Amsterdam Street900271
Asa Street900271
Barawa Street 900271
Cesteem Street900271
Challawa Crescent900271
Cuito Street900271
Komoe Crescent900271
Lake Chad Crescent900271
Limpopo Street900271
Madeira Street900271
Ngadda Crescent900271
Nue Street900271
Ofiki Street900271
Ona Crescent900271
Onega Street900271
Ontario Crescent900271
Onwul Crescent900271
Orange Crescent900271
Osse Street900271
Punji Crescent900271
Rio Gaia Street900271
Rudolf Street900271
Sambrerio Crescent 900271
Tana Street900271
Taraba Crescent900271
Usuma Street900271
Volta Crescent900271
Wuye Crescent900271
Yapa Street900271
Zaire Crescent900271
Zambezi Crescent900271
Zamfara Crescent900271
Aguiyi Ironsi Street900271
Alvan Ikoku Way900271
Amazon Street900271
Batanji Crescent900271
Danube Street900271
Dep. Street900271
Erie Crescent900271
Euphrates Street900271
Gana Street900271
Ganges Street900271
Ibrahim Babangida Way900271
Inner Northern Express Way900271
Katsina-Ala Crescent900271
Kunene Crescent900271
Lena Crescent900271
Mississippi Street900271
Murtala Mohammed Expressway900271
Nile Street900271
Nnamdi Azikiwe Way900271
North Transit Way900271
Orinoco Crescent900271
Osun Street900271
Panama Street900271
Rhine Street900271
Rima Street900271
Ruvuma Street900271
Sangha Street900271
Shasha Crescent900271
Shehu Shagari Way900271
Shehu Yar’adua Way900271
Tanganyika Street900271
Tennessee Crescent900271
Tubo Crescent900271
Uruguay Street900271
Vaal Street900271
Vannern Crescent900271
Vattern Street900271
Volga Close900271

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