Maitama is an urban district geographically located in the Phase 1 area of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

It is one of the most expensive districts to reside in and features exclusively luxurious and serene neighborhoods. You can think of the area as the ‘Ikoyi of Abuja’.

The district is the residential choice of many top government officials and wealthy influential figures. You’ll find affluent housing residential areas, sought-after neighborhoods, sophisticated public infrastructure, extensive road networks, and excellent levels of social amenities.

Popular streets in Maitama

Here is a list of streets in Maitama, Abuja you should know.

streets in maitama abuja
  • A Close
  • Adefemi Kila Close
  • Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent
  • Aguiyi Ironsi Street
  • Agulu Lake Street
  • Alvan Ikoku Way
  • Amazon River Close
  • Amazon Street
  • Aminu Kano Crescent
  • Asa Street
  • Aso Drive
  • Augustus Aikhomu Crescent
  • B Close
  • Baltic Crescent
  • Biu Close
  • Bobo Close
  • Bobo Street
  • Buzi Close
  • C Close
  • Cassandra Street
  • Chalawa Crescent
  • Chari Close
  • Cinema Road
  • Colorado Street
  • Columbia
  • Cubango Close
  • Dala Hills Street
  • Danube Close
  • Danube Street
  • Dep Street
  • Domkat Bali Close
  • Donau Crescent
  • Ekoro Oruro River Street
  • Ekuku Close
  • Elbe Close
  • Erie Crescent
  • Esa-Oke Hill Street
  • Ethiope Close
  • Euphrates Crescent
  • Gaji Close
  • Gana Street
  • Ganges Street
  • Garki-Mobushipe Road
  • Gori Close
  • Gurara Street
  • Helecott Blankson Close
  • I. Abubakar Close
  • Ibrahim Babangida Blvd
  • Ibrahim Babangida Way
  • Idanre Hills Street
  • Igbeti Rock Street
  • Ihima Close
  • Ikogosi Spg Close
  • Ikogosi Springs Street
  • Iller Crescent
  • Imo River Close
  • Imo River Street
  • Indus
  • Jordan Close
  • Kainji Crescent
  • Kariba Close
  • Kashim Ibrahim Way
  • Katsina-Ala Street
  • Komoe Street
  • Konshisha Close
  • Kukuruku Close
  • Kunde Street
  • Kunene Street
  • Kura Close
  • Kurana Close
  • Kwa Falls Street
  • Kwaji Close
  • Lachlan Close
  • Lahn Crescent
  • Lake Alau Close
  • Lake Chad Crescent
  • Lake Maracaibo Close
  • Lake Taal Close
  • LaSalle Street
  • Limpopo Street
  • Linus Ukachukwu Close
  • Logone Close
  • Loire Crescent
  • Lomani Close
  • Lomela Close
  • Lualaba Close
  • Lundi Close
  • Madeira Street
  • Maitama Ave
  • Maitama-Asokoro Road
  • Majomi Close
  • Mambilla Street
  • Mandara Close
  • Mariga
  • Mban Close
  • Mediterranean Street
  • Mekong Close
  • Mekong Crescent
  • Messaco Close
  • Mississippi Street
  • Missouri Street
  • Mkar Hills Close
  • Murtala Mohammed Expressway
  • Nakonini Crescent
  • Nana Close
  • Narcea Street
  • Narcela Close
  • Negro Crescent
  • Niagara Close
  • Nike Lake
  • Nikoroga Close
  • Nile Street
  • Njaba Road
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway
  • Nolin Lake Street
  • Nun Street
  • Nyasa Close
  • Oban Close
  • Obudu Street
  • Ofiki Street
  • Oguda Close
  • Ogun River
  • Oguta Lake Street
  • Okpo River Street
  • Olumo Close
  • Omuanwa Close
  • Ona Crescent
  • Onega Street
  • Ontario Crescent
  • Onwul Crescent
  • Orange Street
  • Orinoco Street
  • Osara Close
  • Osse Street
  • Osumenyi River Close
  • Osun Close
  • Osun Crescent
  • Ovia Crescent
  • Owena Close
  • Oyi River Street
  • Panama Street
  • Paraguay Close
  • Parke Close
  • Pechora Close
  • Persian Close
  • Pope John Paul II Crescent
  • Pope John Paul II Street
  • Quito Close
  • Quito Street
  • Red Sea Close
  • Rhine Street
  • Rima Street
  • Rio Garcia Street
  • River Benue Street
  • River Jordan Street
  • River Kubani Crescent
  • River Nahau Close
  • River Niger Street
  • River Palata Close
  • River Patoka Close
  • River Trent Close
  • Rodolf Street
  • Rudolf Close
  • Ruvuma Street
  • Salt Lake Road
  • Salt Lake Street
  • Salween Close
  • Sambrerio Close
  • Sangha Street
  • Seine Street
  • Seiviri Close
  • Shasha Crescent
  • Shehu Shagari Way
  • Split Lake Street
  • Star Lake Street
  • Tagus Close
  • Tana Close
  • Tanganyika Street
  • Taraba Crescent
  • Tarim
  • Tennessee Crescent
  • Thames Street
  • Tigris Close
  • Tigris Crescent
  • Torrence Close
  • Tunwase Hill Close
  • Udi Hills Street
  • Uruguay Crescent
  • Usuma Close
  • Usuma Street
  • Vaal Crescent
  • Vannern Crescent
  • Vattern Crescent
  • Volga Close
  • Volta Close
  • Volta Street
  • Wikki Spring Street
  • Winnipeg Close
  • Wuye Crescent
  • Yedseram Crescent
  • Yobe Close
  • Zaire Crescent
  • Zambezi Crescent
  • Zamfara Crescent
  • Zuma Close
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Local Government Area Council of Maitama

The local government area council of Maitama district is the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). This area council is one of the six local area councils in FCT and it houses the political and administrative seat of Nigeria.

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AMAC is headed by the FCT minister appointed by the Executive President of Nigeria to oversee the administrative activities of the capital city.

What is Maitama Postal Code?

The postal code (or zip code) of Maitama District is 900271.

This code is used by the district to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail for all locations and streets in Maitama.

What areas are close to Maitama?

Maitama District is bordered by Mpape to the north, Central Area to the south, Wuse to the southwest, and Katampe to the west.

There is an extensive road network in the district with major roads such as Shehu Shagari Way, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, and Murtala Mohammed Expressway.


So there you have it – all the streets in Maitama, Abuja.

Maitama is a first-class, top-rated residential district for the wealthy in Abuja. Its streets are adorned with magnificent residential mansions, high-rising government buildings, and commercial centres.

Many top government officials, wealthy public figures, and celebrities chose to reside here due to the excellent level of public infrastructure and social amenities available.

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