The Kwali postal code (or zip code) is a 6-digit number assigned by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to be used by the area council and various areas located within it.

Kwali is a local government area council in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), housing several towns and villages.

Below, I’ll highlight the postal code (or zip code) for Kwali, along with major areas located within the local area council.

kwali postal code / zip code

What Is The Kwali Postal Code?

The postal code for Kwali local government area council is 904105. All areas, towns, and villages located within the entire local area council also use the same single 6-digit postal code.

Areas In Kwali & Their Postal Code

Here’s a list of all the areas in Kwali Area Council and their respective postal codes.

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Areas In KwaliPostal Code
Farakuti I904105
Farakuti II904105
Kwaida Tsoho904105
Kwaita Sabo904105
Police Barracks 904105
Rugan Mal. Idris 904105
Rugan Rabo904105

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